16 Mar, 2022

Exporting to a Europe based OEM, which was earlier sourcing from China

Exporting to a Europe based OEM, which was earlier sourcing from China

The Challenge

Due to concerns regarding proper quality and regular supply, our Europe-based client wanted to switch from their previous supplier based in China & wanted a domestic supplier who could provide them with quality products at value pricing.

Because quality is of paramount importance when it comes to these products, they were looking for a manufacturer who could carry out precise turning and surface finish. To ensure premium products at a 35 micron, a non-conductive coating process would have to be used. Moreover, the client wanted a special grade of bronze to be processed with specific grain structure to be used in the products

Our Process

  • We started by properly defining the manufacturing process and the control plan to produce precisely machined electrodes from bronze rods.
  • Next, we prepared a special purpose jig for the application on non-conductive coating.
  • Moreover, we used a UV based coating material to inspect the coating under UV light.
  • Finally, the electrode was verified for end application by the OEM.

In a nutshell, 3 million electrodes were supplied to different parts of the world, including China.

Primary Result

  • Due to our continuous efforts to improve the quality of the machining and coating process, we have been the sole supplier for the client for more than 10 years.