Transform precision, grow with us.

Transform precision, grow with us.

As a leading manufacturing and engineering service provider in Gujarat, we aim to utilise the power of precision machining to the fullest. Moreover, to stay ahead of the competition, we strive to find the perfect balance of precision and innovation that will fuel your business.

And none of this would be possible without our highly skilled and equally dedicated team. If you have industry experience, relevant skills, and most importantly, want to join a team that grows together, we are eager for you to join us.

What are we looking for?

At Schilthorn, we’re always on the lookout for committed professionals who want to thrive while contributing to our growth.

Here are some skills that we think everyone associated with us should embody:

Passion for perfection

Passion for

Insistence on innovation

Insistence on

Commitment to clear communication

Commitment to
clear communication

Seeker of self-learning opportunities

Seeker of self-learning

Prepared to be proactive

Prepared to
be proactive

Aspiration for accountability

Aspiration for


Current Opening Position

Position: Quality Engineer
Qualification: Btech Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering
Work Experience: 1-2 Years
No. of Openings: 1
Location: Chhatral (Near Kadi / Kalol)

Main responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing quality standards.
  • Developing and implementing quality control systems.
  • Monitoring and analyzing quality performance.
  • Inspecting and testing materials, equipment, processes, and products to ensure quality specifications are met.
  • Collaborating with operations managers to develop and implement controls and improvements.
  • Ensuring that workflows, processes, and products comply with safety regulations.
  • Investigating and troubleshooting product or production issues.
  • Developing corrective actions, solutions, and improvements.
  • Reviewing codes, specifications, and processes.
  • Set and track quality assurance goals.
  • Coordinate with external quality assurance auditors and technicians to ensure legal compliance.
  • Work with internal teams to increase customer satisfaction by improving the quality of the products.


  • Previous work experience as a Quality Engineer or similar role.
  • Hands-on experience with Quality Management Systems (QMS) and testing methodologies.
  • In-depth understanding of technical documentation.
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis.
  • Great attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.
  • Good analytical skills.
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Position: Planning Executive
Qualification: Diploma /BE Mechanical
Work experience: Fresher / Experience (1-2 Year)
No. of Positions: 1
Job Location: Chhatral (Near Kadi / Kalol)


  • Coordinate production workflow for the products with Production Manager and higher management.
  • Plan operations to make sure more work is done in less time.
  • Ensure the profitability of the products.
  • Coordinate with other departments to determine the demand for the product.
  • Determine the raw materials and manufacturing equipment required for the production process.
  • Schedule shifts and labor according to production demand.
  • Troubleshoot the problems that occurred and take measures to resolve them.
  • Maintain records and documentation of the entire production process.
  • Manage the production process and make sure the final product meets quality standards.
  • Ensure the final product is according to customer’s requirements.
  • Collaborate with the other members of the team for feedback post-production.
  • Keep yourself updated about the latest market trends and consumer demand.


  • Bachelor's degree in Management or relevant field.
  • Candidates having a high school diploma with relevant experience will also be considered.
  • Outstanding experience in MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) software.
  • Knowledge of Supply Chain is a must.
  • Knowledge of MS Office and ERP systems is a must.
  • Knowledge of various manufacturing processes and techniques.
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Should demonstrate outstanding leadership qualities.
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Position: Production Engineer
Qualification: High School Diploma; additional degree in engineering or other relevant area will be a bonus
Work Experience: 1-2 Years
No. of Openings: 1
Location: Chhatral (Near Kadi / Kalol)

Main responsibilities:

  • Supervising operations within a facility to achieve higher output.
  • Organizing training for the production team.
  • Ensuring compliance with safety and professional standards within a facility.
  • Organizing, monitoring, and prioritizing tasks to meet production goals.
  • Evaluating various stations of the production operation to ensure optimum efficiency.
  • Maintaining communication between employees and senior executives to ensure procedures and policies are well-understood.
  • Ensuring the flow of raw materials and other resources.
  • Assists workers by offering personal growth opportunities.
  • Implements cost-saving strategies and techniques.
  • Ensures that production plans are completed by a certain time.
  • Resolves issues and disputes between manufacturing employees.
  • Moves orders to and from machines and ties on thread (as needed) for Machine ops.
  • Coordinates and monitors flow of production orders for the floor; able to forecast work and notice potential problems in workflow.
  • Assisting in the recruitment and on boarding of new hires.


  • 2+ years' experience of working on a Production Supervisor or other similar position.
  • Profound experience in using various types of manufacturing machinery and tools.
  • Good practical experience with MS Office.
  • Strong organizational and leadership skills٫ together with a results-driven approach.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Self-motivated and an efficient problem solver.
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Position: Purchase Engineer
Qualification: BE Mechanical/ bachelor’s degree in procurement engineering or a related business field / master’s degree in procurement engineering or a related field.
Work Experience: 3-5 Years
No. of Openings: 1
Location: Chhatral (Near Kadi / Kalol)

Main responsibilities:

  • RAW Material Purchasing & Procurement.
  • Generating Purchase Order While Taking due care of Taxes, Rates & Terms and Conditions.
  • Vendor Development.
  • Supplier Interaction.
  • Preparing Comparative Statements and Analyzing Quotations.
  • Maintaining Min Max Stock as Per ABC Analysis.
  • Knowledge of Credit Purchasing.
  • Technical Negotiating.
  • Basic knowledge of Costing.
  • Planning the material based on consumption and Generating Purchase order to the vendor.
  • Creating purchase order for invoice received from the principles.
  • Raising claims for shortage, damage, price difference and wrong parts to principles and follow.
  • Up for Supplier debits notes and payments.
  • Work under BOM & non BOM efficiently.
  • Work under BOM & non BOM efficiently.
  • Making Purchase Order,(All Type).
  • Manage Suppliers and also Developed Suppliers.
  • Follow up with the expertise for implementing corrective actions to eliminate errors.
  • Customer Policy Compliance.
  • Provided monthly and daily production plan as per the dispatch schedule.
  • Monitored productivity & utilization by process control techniques to achieved desired targetsAssisting in the recruitment and on boarding of new hires.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Able to analyze technical documents and specifications to understand critical requirements.
  • High-level verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proficiency with office software, ERP, specifically Microsoft Excel or similar programs.
  • Influencing and negotiating skills.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving ability.
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