Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Schilthorn Precision Engineering provides solutions from prototype building to full volume production and Design for Manufacturing (DFM). We provide precise and quality OEM grade CNC machining services. Whether a customer is looking for a basic component assembly or a turnkey production of complex shaped devices, we can help them through our broad array of services.

We ensure that we provide the best possible CNC machining manufacturing and turnkey assembly services to our clients. Our vast technical knowledge and advanced manufacturing equipment allow us to deliver high precision products and services at quick turnaround times. Our machining capabilities include HMC’s, VMC’s, Turning centres, Saw Cutting, Forging, Welding, Surface Treatment, Surface Grinding, EDM, Laser Cutting, Fabrication, and many more.


Products List

Micro Shaft
Automobile Inserts
Forged Bolts
Boss Plate
Flared Nut, Flared Nozzle, Flared Male & Female parts
Brass Distributors