Tolerance We Work With

Tolerance We Work With

Every product that we deliver carries the mark of our experience and decades-long expertise of manufacturing high-quality, high performance components, and assemblies. And every project that we undertake at our state of the art facility incorporates precision and accuracy as the primary characteristics. Over the years, these qualities have made our name a touchstone that is referred to for speciality in high precision machining for HVAC, Automobile, Space and Aerospace parts.

Our competence includes working with a wide range and variety of materials and we incorporate the same into our services. Our products are manufactured at the most advanced, rigid, robust, and accurate machining centres in the machine tool industry. The rigidity of our CNC machines ensures that we are equipped to produce a vast array of precision-engineered components and features, to a tolerance band of ± 10 microns.


Tolerance specifications:

Title Value Symbol
Flatness ± 0.01 mm, for the entire surface area of the part. Flatness
Circularity ± 0.01 mm, for parts as small as 2mm in diameter. Circularity
Cylindricity ± 0.01 mm, for the entire length of the part. Circularity
Parallelism ± 0.01 mm, between the Datum & Surface. Parallelism
Perpendicularity 900 ± 0.01, between the Datum & axis. Perpendicularity
Run out With a variance less than 10 µm Run out